In a nutshell!? 15mm - 30mm.

Freemie Cup and Pump Sets typically come with size 25mm and 28mm hard breast flanges. These popular sizes are a starting point. Our largest size is 30mm and is available only with the newer SlimFit5 or SlimFit6 cup styles. You can size down all the way to 15mm with a Fitmie insert.

We realize every woman’s tissue is a unique size, shape, texture and elasticity, and we make a wide range of sizes so that you can customize your fit to make the most of your milk supply. There are 2 styles of inserts, clear Standard Fitmie for clear Standard Cups, and purple SlimFit Fitmie for pink SlimFit5 or blue SlimFit6 Cups. 

Standard Fitmie Inserts

If you need a smaller size, we make soft silicone Standard Fitmie inserts in sizes 15mm-26mm.

Fitmie sizes 15mm - 23mm fit inside 25mm flanges

Fitmie sizes 24mm - 26mm fit inside 28mm flanges

SlimFit Fitmie Inserts

SlimFit Cups come with a rigid 30mm breast flange in addition to soft SlimFit Fitmie sizes 25mm and 28mm. If you need a smaller size, SlimFit Fitmie are available in sizes 15mm-28mm.

About Sizing

Our breast flanges are very comparable to other brand's flanges, but there are small differences. Those little differences in shape, angle, or fit may matter for you. If you're used to a certain flange already, it can take some trial and error to find the right Freemie fit for you. 

It's very important that the Freemie breast flange fit you or you will not get good results. Many women can go up or down a couple of millimeters in size without having any issues, others cannot and need an exact size. If we don't have your size, we do not recommend Freemie.

Some moms find that they respond better to a soft flange versus a hard plastic flange. Most moms are not perfectly symmetrical and may need 2 difference sizes, and Fitmie inserts can be really helpful in such cases. 

If you have especially elastic or elongated tissue, it can be very difficult to find any breast flange that will work. In such cases, adding a Fitmie insert may help because it adds a tiny bit of depth to the Freemie Cups. 

If you have been sized by a lactation consultant or are already using a size you feel works well, keep in mind that tissue can change, and you might need a different size after some time. Check your size regularly to be sure it still fits. 

How do you know if the flange fits you well? Comfort is a key indicator. See also: