Our Freemie Original Cups for Medela (models FG041, FG047) are retired and no longer available. This Cup set used different pump connections depending on which pump you were connecting to. Please view this article for a complete list of compatible pump options for these cups.

Connection Kit for Medela / Hygeia Pumps

The Original System Cups were made to work with compatible Medela and Hygeia pumps and come with the needed pump connection kit. Our cup tubing connects to the pump tubing via a Freemie Quick Connector part. When connected there is about 4 feet of tubing - 2 feet from the pump, 2 feet from the cups - that are joined together by the Quick Connector parts. See Medela Connection diagram below.

Additional Pump Connections

The Original System Cups can be adapted for use with other compatible pumps when used with the correct Connection Kit. If you don't use the correct kit the set may malfunction, and milk can back into your tubing.

Connection Kit for Ameda, ARDO, Evenflo, Lucina and Philips AVENT Pumps

The connection kit for compatible Ameda, ARDO, Evenflo, Lucina and Philips AVENT pumps is required. Using two lengths of Freemie tubing, one of each connects to a tubing adapter on the front of the pump. For single pumping, cap one pump tubing adapter off with parts included with the pump. See Ameda-Philips Connection diagram below.

Connection Kit for Spectra & Unimom Pumps

This Connection Kit has a single length of tubing connected to the pump's tubing port for both single and double pumping. One side of the pump or tubing adapter is closed with parts included with the pump. A 3-pronged T-Connector (white or blue) splits the lines into 3 parts - 2 to the cups, and 1 piece to the pump. Single pumping does not use a T-Connector. This connection once assembled is not taken apart. See Spectra Connection diagram below.