New Users

For new users, feeling little to no suction can be due to a number of reasons such as incorrect cup assembly, poor bra or breast flange fit, or use with an incompatible pump. 

  • Check that your pump connection has been properly assembled. The Y-connector part holds 3 lengths of tubing. One end connects to your compatible pump, the other two connect to the cups. 
  • One pump port should always be capped closed for both single and double pumping.

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  • Check that cups have been properly assembled. Barriers should be placed onto the backs of the flanges first, and then covered with the valve/valve base assembly. 

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View video of Standard Cup assembly here.

Positioning in the Bra

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Proper Flange Fit

View additional information on Breast Flange fit.

Experienced Users

If you are an experienced user successfully using Freemie Standard Cups and have only recently started to lose suction, check the following: 


Worn out valves can cause a loss of suction and should be replaced every 2-3 months for best performance. Replace sooner if use is heavy.


Tongue-shaped barriers are durable, but can become damaged. Inspect barriers under a bright light. Uncurl the edges and squeeze open to look for any damage. Replace if damaged. Watch this video for inspection details.

Pump Connection

If you had milk back up (check barriers) and be sure that the tubing and Y-connector are not clogged with any dried milk. Replacements can be found here. Soiled tubing that won't come clean should be replaced. Ensure Y-connector securely holds 3 tubing pieces.


Check all parts for any damage. Cup parts should fit snugly together. If the valve base is loose on a breast flange it should be re-boiled to "tighten" parts and replaced if boiling does not resolve issue. New valve bases can be found here.  

Size Changes

Tissue changes over time and many moms do go down in size once lactation is established. If your pump has suction and you can see the barriers moving inside the cups when the pump is set to maximum, and you've checked all of the above, then you probably need a new size. Fitmie insert sizes 15mm-26mm can be found here.