The Freemie Standard Collection Cups are sold as a set (model FG063), and also come with Freemie Liberty and Independence Pumps. 

Standard Cup sets come with 3 lengths of tubing, and a Y-connector part. They look like this:

One tubing end goes into your compatible pump, and the other two pieces connect to your cups. You can 'cap' one end of the Y-connector part to single pump.


We have recently added compatibility with our Standard Cups to the BellaBaby Double Electric Breast Pump. The tubing connection mimics the above diagrams, except you will need to remove one of the three white connection pieces from the BellaBaby tubing, and attach it to the Freemie tubing that goes into the pump's tubing port. Below on the left are the three removable white connection pieces from the BellaBaby tubing. The right picture is the one needed connection piece for your Freemie Cups.

*Find the complete list of compatible pumps here