The Freemie Liberty and Liberty II Pumps are portable battery operated pumps used in combination with Freemie Standard Collection Cups


Freemie Liberty Pump features:

  • Hospital Grade Suction (up to 280mmHg)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Independent Suction/Cycle/Speed Settings
  • 3 Re-programmable Memory Settings
  • Turbo® Power (extended draw and release cycle)
  • Clothing Clip 
  • Micro-USB 
  • Standard Collection Cups 
  • LCD Screen
  • Sleep Timer
  • Automatic Shutoff 
  • Discreet Tubing L-Connectors (Liberty II only)

Liberty v. Liberty II

The now retired Liberty Pump was our original premium pump and Liberty II is it's newest version. These pumps are almost identical in features, with two exceptions:

  1. Liberty II includes new L-Connector tubing parts that are more discreet by allowing the tubing to hug the curve of the cup. 
  2. The pump settings have changed from Suction/Speed (Liberty) to Suction/Cycle (Liberty II), and the cycle settings are reversed to be more intuitive. See below.

Suction / Speed
Suction / Cycle
MINIMUM10 / 101 / 1
HIGH SUCTION10 / 110 / 10
MAXIMUM SUCTION TURBO®10 / 0 (Turbo®)10 / 11 (Turbo®)

Liberty II Pump Control Details

Liberty II Instructions

NOTE: Liberty and Liberty II both include Freemie Standard Cups and parts for both can be found here.