The Liberty Pump was our original premium pump, and it came with Freemie Standard Cups with 8-ounce capacity. 

We made a few changes to this pump and relaunched it in 2021 as Liberty II. This newer version included improvements to both the cups and the pump motor. 

The cups for Liberty II are still the Standard Cups with backflow protection, but now include a special L-Connector part that greatly improves the appearance of the tubing. By making the tubing hug the curve of the cup, it's less noticeable and more discreet than before. 

Any Freemie Cup style can be used with or without the L-Connector. 

As for the pump motor improvement, we changed the pump settings to make them more intuitive. Liberty initially achieved the strongest settings by turning the controls down to "1" and this was confusing to users. We renamed Suction and Speed and it is now called Suction and Cycle. Suction is the strength, and Cycle is the speed. We changed these settings so that the lowest setting is 1 / 1 and the strongest is 10 / Turbo. 

Liberty and Liberty II both have the same hospital-grade strength (280mmHg) and the Sleep Timer so you can catch a nap. Rechargeable battery, 1-touch favorites recall, and Turbo power are all still featured.