Watch this super short video to see how to assemble your Freemie Standard Cups, or follow the below step-by-step instructions.

Assembling Your Standard Collection Cups

Ensuring that your Freemie Cups are assembled properly is one of the most important factors to successfully pumping with your Freemie.

  1. Seat the barrier on the breast flange mounting ridge
    The barrier must be securely seated on the breast flange first, without the valve base covering it. Press down on the barrier and give it a little wiggle to ensure it is fully seated and covers the mounting ridge. 

  2. Put the duckbill shaped valves onto the valve base                                                                                     The valves can face any direction, just be sure they are secured fully.
  3. Seat the valve base with valve over the mounted barrier
    The valve and valve base assembly (#2 above) covers the barrier that is mounted on the breast flange. It will lock into place once seated fully. The curled edges of the tongue-shaped barrier will protrude out around the edge of the valve base.

  4. Press down firmly
    If the valve base is not secured fully over the mounted barrier, suction can be lost, and damage may occur to your parts or even your pump if milk gets past the barrier. 

  5. Align the arrow on the cup with the tubing port on the flange
    Freemie Cups need to be facing a specific direction to fully close, or they may not seal shut. Find the arrow on the cup and line it up with the round tubing port on the breast flange. (The oval on the flange is the pour spout.)

  6. Snap Close
    Press the cup and breast flange together to close the cups. You should hear a "snap" sound as they seal closed.