Yes! So long as we have a breast flange that fits your nipples, and you have a bra that can secure the cups, you can use Freemie! 

When you wear Freemie Cups you're basically adding a bottle/flange combination inside your bra, and this can require some adjustment. If you already have a lot of tissue and add additional volume (5, 6 or 8 oz cup), you will want to experiment with and plan your wardrobe so you can feel comfortable pumping in front of others when necessary. You may want to also consider an infinity scarf, cardigan, jacket, or looser top to help camouflage the cups. 

Hold the cups first to observe how your bra must secure the cups. The bra must create enough pressure to keep the cups sealed against you while breasts are both full and emptying. 

Note that most moms are not perfectly symmetrical on both sides, and your bra will have to make and keep consistent pressure or loss of suction can happen. Try all of your bras and avoid ones with underwire. A front closure sport bra can work well and help with ease of access.

With larger tissue you may be able to orient the cups more downward and gain additional range of motion. Although you may feel self-conscious about pumping while out and about, it bears stating that overwhelmingly, most people will not notice or care what's going on in there!

DDD model using Freemie

Tubing and Cups shown for demonstration only.

See what other moms say about using Freemie with larger breasts!

"I'm a 38h. I use mine everyday. I even bought extra cups. Love it. It has nothing to do with boob size. Just nipples"  Elizabeth A. 

"I am a G cup and these cups are fine for me. I keep my nursing bra done all the way up and push the cup down a but further so that it's on the under side of the front of my boob like a push up bra (if that makes sense). It is by no means unnoticeable, but it works when I'm driving to work."  -  Renae L. 

"I am a 40DDD and it works great for me"  -  Samantha G.  

"yea I’m up to an H cup and I use these."  -  Meghan M. 

"I was a 34F before pregnancy-so you can only imagine the size of these bad boys now. Gave birth to my son on Sunday and started using my Freemie with no issues!! Honestly it’s a game changer. I have a toddler at home, run a business and just every day life to deal with and these have been a LIFE SAVER! I highly recommend them. Breastfeeding was such a pain (literally & figuratively) with my 1st. This is so much less painful than the other old school pump I had and even less painful than actual breastfeeding. Hope this helps-I promise I’m a legit person lol"  -  Christine M. 

"I’m a 40g and it’s the best pump I’ve ever used!!"  -  Lily B.

"This is the BEST pump, determining the proper bra fit is crucial though to getting the best output and performance. I start with high suction high speed, then lower both speed and suction, then do 0 speed and level 3 suction and have phenomenal results. I used to use a pump n style before getting the Freemie and I would never go back."  "I’m a 34E, I lean forward when placing then hook my nursing bra overtop it to lock it in place. Proper placement can be a learning curve I’ve found but once you get that nailed down the suction is perfection ?"  -  Christina M.  


"40F pre pregnancy, idk my size now. But i have no issues with it. Im still teaching myself not to bend over to take the cups off & make a mess of the cup still on."  -  Chelsie D.  


"38h here. Love mine. Works great. Some time to figure out your proper settings. But have used mine for 8 months"  -  Elizabeth A. 


"40F and it works great for me. Just need a sturdy sports bra, not too stretchy, or a tight cami. I stopped using my Medela and exclusively use the Freemie. I use the 25 flange."  -  Rina K. 


"A lot of you may be like me, reading the comments to see what people have to say that have bought this. I was one of those people. Honestly, I thought that the Freemie was too good to be true. Most other cord free pumping systems are triple or quadruple the price of this system, how could this compare?! But let me tell you. It works. I am a mom of a BUSY boy. I have a Spectra pump but he is too quick to get into things nowadays so I had to find a cord free option! This little system is STRONG and gives me the ability to be on the move to keep up with my little one. Not only that, but it works for my giant yabbos (if you know you know ?). I promise this is a genuine unpaid review. But I just want anyone who may be on the fence out there to know, it’s worth it."  Hailey W. 


“I’m in love with this pump!! It makes pumping at work so easy! I was nervous how it would work for me because my boobs are extremely large but it works great and I’m so happy!” Julia S. 


“36J and I love freemie!”  “ER social worker here. I pump in front of my coworkers with it while I’m charting all the time ?”  -  Gina R. 


"40I here and they work for me."  -  Angela T.  


"I'm DD and love this pump. Works great!"  -  Rachael H.  


"they are kind of bulky looking inside my bra as I have a large chest DDD. But I just wear it and go on my business. It really is convenient."  -  Kammi T. 


"I am a size DD cup and it works great for me, just makes your chest look even larger, so I wear a sweater, a dress, or large infinity scarf if I am in public."  -  Kellsey M. 


"This pump has saved me! My bra size is 36DD and flange size 25. After playing with the settings I found the perfect suction. I used to only pump 2 ounces with my spectra but I’ve been able to increase to 3 ounces after less than 4 days! Being able to get things done around the house has helped my anxiety so much. I do have a hard time holding my 3 month old with them on but it’s not impossible like with my spectra." via IG  


"I’m a DD and I love these. I also have a spectra s9 but I will be using the freemie exclusively when I go back to work on a couple weeks. I recommend waiting until you have it to decide if you need to get any new bras. I didn’t need to size up. Making sure your bra fits tightly enough to ensure good suction is important too. It shouldn’t hurt though"  -  Penelope S.  


"I use my pump at work 5 days a week every 2 hours and at home everyday I love it, the only down side is not being able to bend down because you can spill milk other than that I love it!! * I got it when it was on sale best investment ever * I also saw here that it not made for big boobs well im a DDD and I wear my work uniform shirt or a sweater and no one can tell I'm even pumping"  -  Lupe G.  


"I have f/g cups and it works just fine for me."  -  Danae S.  


"I have large chest now and I wear a tight sports bra and it works amazing. I use the cups with 3 different pumps throughout the day"  -  Tiffany R.  


"this works amazing for me and I have large boobs. My baby is almost a month old and I pump for the majority, and I have a nice size freezer stash for when I go back to work"  -  Hadley L.  


"I'm a ddd and it's been great!"  -  Samantha A.  


"I'm a DDD and these cups worked great for me ?‍♀️"  -  Stephanie B. 


"I am G/F and I do fine with this pump. My coworkers dont even realize I'm pumping half of the time"  -  Angel G. 


"im 38I. Works well in my kindred bravely wireless bras. I use an infinity scarf to hide the fact i look alot larger then normal."  -  Meghan S. 0 


"I'm a 32f and they work amazingly well."  -  tmacsf 


"I'm a G cup and this is daily pump for when I'm at work. I love it!"  -  Stephanie G.  


"not sure what your definition of big breast is, but I’m a D cup and used it with my first baby and loved it!! The suction was great!"  -  Steph K.  


"I have and loved it. I’m a 34G after finishing breastfeeding and was much larger than. It is not as discreet with larger breasts but it works very well and is convenient "  -  Chelsea D.


"yes! I’ve got DD’s and it works great."  -  KT Anne C.  


"Im DDD and use them in a sports bra with no problem. Angle them slightly downwards for a more natural look under your clothes."  -  Leslie H.  


im able to lay on the couch with my back straight up against a pillow, which is how I nurse. The directions say to to not all the way down. I am able to hold baby or nurse on one side pretty easily. Game changer!”  “im an H or maybe a J, i don't even know anymore. Definitely busty. They work great for me, no issues .” -  Vanessa S. 


“I was a DDD pre pregnancy (bigger now) and have good results with my freemie”  -  Brooke S.  


“This pump is amazing. I was speechless my first pump session! I was a little confused on the pump settings but my hubby helped me understand ☺️- (I’m just terrible at ready directions) I have DD boobs maybe bigger when full with milk, yeah it won’t be unnoticeable on me but I don’t care. It’s quieter then I expected, and the suction is strong! I can’t say enough good things about this pump ?. BCBS covered 100%”  -  Heather R. 


“I’m also a DD and I haven’t had any trouble. I do find that I get a better fit when wearing a regular bra instead of sport”  -  Haydee B.  


“I wear a DD and plop those cups right in my bra push my settings I want. pump till it stops pumping. it has good suction...... very convenient and worth every penny I would highly recommend”  -  Sophia A.  


I’m wearing a 36DDD bra and it’s worked well for me co workers can’t tell but ppl close to me tell me I look more voluptuous lol like a got a “boob lift”  -  Isa B.  


"I wear a 42G and this pump works great for me!"  -  Katrina P.  


"Yes! I have G cups and I use this"  -  Erin M.  


"I pumped while at school all the time while seeing students, talking to parents/teachers, in staff meeting. No one seemed to notice other than if it were really quiet in the room someone might ask about the sound. I just said it was my ice maker or fridge. I was up to a G+ cup before my milk came in then lost track of size."  -  Nicole F.  


"Third kid in and this has been an absolute game changer. Got it though my insurance as well. I’m size H when nursing so big sizes work well with it."  -  A. L.  


"This changed my life at home and at work. Highly recommend. I dont look completely natural as I normally wear a DD but I have to do what I have to do to feed my boy. I love it!  -  Chelcie K.