For Freemie Cups to be most effective, you must have the correct breast flange size (which can and does change) AND a bra that correctly hold the cups.

Finding the Ideal Bra Fit for You

Bra fit is critical to the proper use of this device because your bra must do the job that your hands would be required to do with a traditional pump.

Before choosing a bra, pump by holding the Freemie Cups in place with your hands. Consider how much pressure you normally apply against your breasts to pump and observe the optimal position and orientation of the cups on each of your breasts.

Most moms are not perfectly symmetrical, and improper positioning or pressure on one or both breasts may result in low output. It is important to practice and experiment with different bras to figure out how to make the cups work well and effectively for you. The pressure needs to be consistent throughout your pump session such that no gaps occur.

Be aware that the pressure needed may be different when your breasts are full versus when they are emptying. A sports bra works well for many women.

Be sure your bra keeps the Freemie Cups in an upright position and does not allow the devices to slip around, sag downward, or tilt off to the side during use as a loss of suction may occur.

Make sure you achieve a good consistent seal between the breast flanges and your skin.

Make sure the nipple is centered in the breast flange and not bent or pinched off. If the tip of the nipple hurts while expressing, check that the nipple is in the center of the flange.

Positioning within your bra

As with any new pump, expect a period of adjustment to the hands-free and fully concealed pumping experience. After a few days of use, review the instructions for bra and breast flange fit to evaluate any needed adjustments. Consider what items in your wardrobe work well and make you comfortable while pumping. In preparation for more public use, practice placing and removing the Freemie Cups at home with different clothing. Jackets, cardigans, scarves, and nipple pads can also help make Freemie even more discreet.

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