SlimFit Cups are our newest low profile cups that are more discreet than ever before. There are 2 styles of SlimFit Cups, a pink 5-ounce cup, and blue 6-ounce cup. These cup sets are ultra-lightweight and connect easily to any Freemie wearable pump. In addition, SlimFit5 and SlimFit6 Cups can be used with Spectra S1 Plus, S2 Plus, and 9 Plus pumps. Each SlimFit Cup set comes with sizes 30mm breast flanges, and 28mm and 25mm SlimFit Fitmie inserts. Additional SlimFit Fitmie sizes 15mm-28mm are sold separately.

If you tend to use stronger pump settings and/or have more elastic nipple tissue you may want to select Standard Cups which have deeper flanges.

While cup parts may look alike, they are not the same. Freemie Cup set parts are not cross-compatible and cannot be mixed and matched. The only parts that can be used with all 3 cup styles are:

  • L-Connectors
  • Valves
  • Tubing
  • Y-Connectors