Since Freemie SlimFit Cups are worn by the user, it's really important that they don't leak. We make these cups with a secure snap closure to help prevent this issue. 

When you get your cups, you need to boil the hard cup parts to make them airtight. You only have to do this once but can also repeat at any time if desired. 

Preparation Instructions

The prep for SlimFit5 and Slimfit6 are the same. (Click image to enlarge.)

After Boiling 

If your cups leak after boiling, check that you are assembling the cups correctly. (Click image to enlarge.) 

Pay attention to Step 2 above, and make sure that the soft barrier flaps are on the outside of the rigid valve base. 

Be sure that in Step 3 above that you are pressing VERY firmly so that the parts fit together nice and tight. 

Additional Steps

Check for any obstruction like dried milk, hair, or any damage on the breast flange and cup parts that may be causing the cups to not fully close. 

Improper care can cause damage to the parts and lead to leaking. Hand wash all parts that contact milk after each use.

Check that your bra is holding the cups securely enough to create a seal between your tissue and the device. If not, milk can seep out and make you think the cups are leaking. Your bra must hold the cups so that no gaps happen when you move. 

If you have followed the care and preparation steps, but are still experiencing leaking, please visit our Customer Support page and fill out a Contact Form so that we can assist you.